1883 – 1891
The houses in the triangle of land between the Wokingham Road, the railway line & Palmer Park start to be built by Huntley & Palmer for their workers

At Wycliffe Baptist Church, a class of 40 young men meet under the leading of Mr. W R Simmons. The class ‘feeling led by God and his spirit to serve Him outside their classroom, gathered together for prayer and consider which of three areas they should labour for Our Lord – Redlands, Newtown or Earley Rise’

Sunday 28 February 1892
The group has formed ‘Earley Rise Mission Band’ and the first mission service is held in the home of Mr Street who lived in St Peter’s Road. The sermon preached by Arthur Giles was on the text in St John 3 vs. 14 – 15.

May 1893
The ‘Noisy Group’ (as they were also called) maintained four meetings a week – a Cottage Service and Open Air Service on Sundays, an Open Air Service on Thursday evenings visiting each street in turn, and a Bible Class in the home of Mr Giles in Clarendon Road. They also consider whether to purchase a cottage to convert into meeting rooms

July 1893
The first two plots of ground in Amherst Road are purchased where the mission hall is later to be built

September 1893
The group (who had already held tent meetings with a group from the Primitive Methodist Circuit) consider whether they should join with the Methodists, but no agreement is reached

December 1893
Wycliffe Church helps the Earley Rise mission to rent 13 (now 111) Wykeham Road. It is modified and the opening service is held.

June 1895
Mr Mumford agrees to build the hall for £300 and the official stone-laying ceremony for the new mission hall is held. With much rejoicing the first service is held in August even before the floor was laid.

1971 – 1973
Rev Trevor L Landon is the minister of Anderson church

The entrance to the Hall is rebuilt and toilets added to it

1975 – 1987
Rev R Anderson Duncan is the minister of Anderson church

Wadwick House is sold. The end of the garden is kept and the money is used to build a garage/store there in Amherst Road with parking space for 3 vehicles, and the Hall kitchen was replaced with a new one, including a boiler room and meeting rooms in a 2 story extension.

An electric organ which had already replace the pipe organ installed in 1931 is removed and replaced with a donated electronic organ.

Anderson’s first lady Secretary is elected

1987 – 1991
Rev Gareth Thomas is the minister of Anderson church

The original pews are replaced with chairs

1992 – 2009
Rev David Skinner is the minister of Anderson church

The original Church porch is replaced and the Manse has a two-story extension added. The access to the Hall & Church is also refurbished with disabled access ramps.
The last Caretakers leave No.10 and the house is rented to fund increased youth work.

A ‘Time For God’ volunteer is taken on for one year with the specific goal of establishing a church based youth group called ‘Dunamis’

1997 – 1998
A student worker from ‘Oasis Trust’ is taken on to continue expanding the Youth work

2000 – 2011
Rev Judith Wheatley, who initially is the Youth Worker and quickly became the Youth Minister of Anderson Church, with ‘Special Responsibility for Youth and Families’, continuing the youth work expansion. In 2011 she is called to become the General Minister of Anderson.

2009 – date
Pastor Tulasi Rai, from Nepal and working with INF, becomes the Anderson Associate Minister with particular responsibility for ministry among the Nepalese community

The electric organ donated in 1977, the original Pulpit and some remaining balustrades are removed and the Church considers how to refurbish the front area of the Church

A digital piano is purchased to replace the organ that was removed in 2010 and the baby grand piano, which was originally obtained in the early 1950 ‘s during the time of Rev Jones from the local Home Gard unit which was closing, is donated to the Pigott School where several of our youth attend

2011 – date
Rev Judith Wheatley is the minister of Anderson church when she transferred from being the Youth Minister

2011 – 2014
John Collins is called to join Anderson Church as the Youth Worker

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