Daily Readings  -Advent 2.  A Time to Repent


Sunday 9th Dec           The Preaching of John the Baptist        Matt 3:1-10


Monday 10th Dec        Jesus’ baptism                                           Matt 3:11-17


Tues 11th Dec              Announcing the Kingdom                       Matt 4:12-17


Wed 12th Dec              Jesus Condemns the Cities                      Matt 11:16-24


Thurs 13th Dec            The Parable of the Clean and Unclean  Matt 15:10-20


Fri 14th Dec                 The Parable of the Wedding Feast          Matt 22:1-14


Sat 15h Dec                  Peter’s denial                                             Matt 26:69-75



We are following the plan from Tom Wrights book


Advent for Everyone – A Journey through Advent.


If you would like to join a study and reflection group then please speak with Judith or Alina.



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